Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Piranha 3DD Movie - Piranha 3D Sequel

Piranha 3DD Movie - Piranha 3D SequelThere's a sequel to Piranha 3D ahead of us! Scriptwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (the guys behind the last Saw movies) have been hired to pen the screenplay of the sequel. Director Alexandre Aja who helmed the first film won't direct the sequel, Director John Gulager (who helmed the movie Feast) is indeed taking over the director's seat.

Director Alexandre Aja previously hinted at Thailand as a potential location for the sequel:

"We had many ideas. There is the Full Moon Party in Thailand, a huge event with like 200,000 young people from all around the world taking mushrooms and partying on the beach."
Director Alexandre Aja

The sequel is tentatively titled Piranha 3DD. Wondering where that title comes from? Well, it's in celebration the bra size of the actresses... yep... The

Anyway, the first Piranha 3D movie was awesome, so you can definitely sign me up for the movie sequel Piranha 3DD! The aim is for the film to have an August, 2011 release date.

More information about the movie Piranha 3DD soon!